Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G A Aiken

Eibhear has been gone for a long time, but he's back again.  Not that Izzy cares.  First thing she does when she sees him is try to kill him.

Zebra Publishing, a division of Kensington Books, sent me an ARC of this book for review.  The book was published in September, so you can check with your local bookstore to acquire a copy.

I like reading about dragons.  I've always had a fascination with them.  So I was happy to find this fantasy series with so many dragons, witches, and more to make this tale interesting.

Eibhear was sent away to join a band of dragons who specializes in being blood thirsty warriors.  He and his men are headed to his home on a special quest.  They tend to major in killing and ale and whoring, so you could expect some conflicts here.

If Eibhear hasn't caught your attention yet, Izzy will.  She's in the Queen's army as a General and she specializes in killing, too.

Now mix these two together in a mission and sent them out to the desert.  Before they get back, they'll be a couple.  Did I mention that Eibhear has blue hair and that Izzie has a hot body?  The sizzle between them ten years ago is still there.

This is a fast flowing story with their banter making the book enjoyable.  There is blood, gore, and sex strewn through the pages so don't read this one if you're of a sensitive nature.

I found the characters entertaining and enjoyed the story.  There will be more in this series because the author has given us a sixteen year old with unbelievable magic powers who is still untrained.  That should be an interesting tale, too.

If you'd like my copy of this ARC, leave a comment here on my blog and email me at info at with your name and address and why you'd like to read it.  I'll pick a winner in about a week.

Happy reading.       


Amy the Book Wench said...

I would like to receive your ARC, as I like to read about sexy dragons as well. I also have a book review blog and I would like to post my own review.

ChristyJan said...

You had me at blood, gore and sex ;)

Kaci Verdun said...

Ohh exciting read! Great review and summary, not sure if you've chosen a winner already, but I'd love to read this one! Thanks for the chance!

Journey of a Bookseller said...

Kaci, this one has already had the drawing, but I'll have more! Keep checking the giveaways.