Monday, August 13, 2012

Teddy's Camp by Peter Liptak

This is another adventure with Teddy.  He's a bit of a shy bear, but he fits in well.

I had previously reviewed Teddy's Day so Mr. Liptak asked if I'd like to take a look at the next book in the series (thank you).  I enjoyed this one, too.

As I mentioned before, the illustrations have a suggestion of crayon about them, which makes it almost like the little ones drew their own pictures.  They are a nice touch which adds to the warmth of the story for the young reader.

This story covers Teddy's activities while he's at camp.  He's a busy boy, conquers a lot of challenges and has fun; there is a lot to do at camp.  The text is written in rhyme and would be great to read aloud.  This is a cute series that would work well for a bedtime story, too.

If you took my advice in my first review and had your child create their own picture book, now is your chance to have them write another about their character just like Mr. Liptak did.  Let your child express their creativity and praise them a lot when it's done.  We need more readers and writers in our world.

Happy reading. 

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Shan said...

I loved going to camp growing up and honestly think those that didn't get to go were deprived. What a neat idea to have a story all about Teddy bear going, especially for those who may be going for the first time, even to day camp. Good to see some of the fun things that go on, helps to prepare.