Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby Listens by Esther Wilkin

Just what does a baby hear?  Here is real cute look at the various sounds and where they come from that should charm any small child.

Random House Books for Kids is printing new editions of the Little Golden Books.  This is a classic Golden Book that they sent me for review (thank you).  This book has been published, so check at your local bookstore for a copy.  There are more in this series and I love them all.  Once you look at them, I bet you do, too.

The story is cute; it even includes baby pounding a spoon on a pan to make noise.  The illustrations by Eloise Wilkins are precious.

Why not return to the simpler world of the past and share this book with a young one?  If you're old enough, you'll remember having read this as a child.  Here's your chance to share some treasured memories with them.

Happy reading.

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Shan said...

I had this book, and enjoyed it. Somehow through all the kids in and out of this house, I have very few of my kids books left...but that's ok, I still have the memories.
IF you have a little one, this is definitely a book I would add to their bookshelf.