Friday, June 22, 2012

Zamoof! My World. My Magazine.

I've met a lot of interesting authors and publishers on Twitter, so when I saw a children's magazine named Zamoof I decided to follow them, too.  We've chatted a couple of time and they sent me three of their magazines for me to "taste" their work.  (Thank you!)

When I was young, I loved getting magazines.  There weren't many offered, but I lived for the day a new issue would be in my mailbox.  So I read it in fifteen minutes, it was still new reading material and had word puzzles and the like in it.  I could read it over and over again until it was ratty and starting to fall apart.  By then, the new issue would come in.

These magazines remind me a lot of the ones I used to read.  The letters to the editor are written by children.  The pages are filled with facts, recipes, cartoons, and games.  There is an ongoing series of a couple of graphic stories, true stories, articles that are particularly tuned to children, and movie information and posters.  They are very colorful, well-put-together, and guaranteed to grab your child's attention.

They also accept submissions from children.  Visit this website to get all the particulars:  Zamoof 

Whether you have a child between 7-12 who would enjoy reading and completing the games in this magazine or who would prefer to write their own stories or about their own experiences, this is a really good resource for you.  Why not check it out?  

Here's where you can get more info and where you can subscribe: 

Happy reading.

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