Friday, June 29, 2012

Hey Canada by Vivien Bowers

Why don't you settle back in a comfortable chair and take a tour of Canada filled with photos, fun facts, oddments and humor?

Tundra Books invited me to be part of the blog tour on this book in honor of Canada Day (thank you). 
I've always enjoyed reviewing Tundra's children's books because their authors always find a way to make them interesting and fun to read.  This one was no disappointment.  I read it and enjoyed it.  (Said by someone who tries not to read any non-fiction; I'm always looking for fiction/fantasy reads where I can escape the real world.)

This material is very nicely put together.  Lots of tidbits of history, photos to enhance the info, Cal's odd tidbits (he's Mr. Factual), a short graphic story to help you remember what you learned, a Find It challenge in each new story, and a really cool way to see the sights and learn about each province as Gran, Alice and Cal travel across Canada.

I have to admit my favorite character was the hamster.  Cal snuck him in the car and they were on their way before Gran discovered him.  The hamster has more adventures before they get back home.

This is a fun read with hints on things to see in each province and a short historical background as well.  This would also be a great resource for finding subjects for history class.  Whether it's a book report or a diorama, there's plenty of interesting things to choose from in this book.

Here is another excellent way to teach history to young ones without it seeming like work.  It's not boring, it maintains your interest, and it has humor imbedded in it.  Why not share Canada with your child?

Happy reading.

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