Saturday, June 16, 2012

Maddy's Floor by Dale Mayer

Maddy has an ability to help people heal.  She has even been given her own floor at the hospital.  Most patients are terminal, but she makes them comfortable and lets them enjoy their final days.  Then her patients begin to die early for no apparent reason...

The author sent me an ebook of this story for review.  I enjoy Ms. Mayer's books, so I was pleased to get it.  You can buy this ebook on Amazon now.

Maddy knows there is something evil encroaching on her floor, but it looks like black smoke and she has no idea where it's coming from.  She also knows the person causing it does not want to be stopped.

Ms. Mayer adds a bit of romance in with the mystery, which I found very enjoyable.  Drew is a detective working cold cases and his Aunt and Uncle are in the hospital. 

The actual mystery began almost twenty years ago, and trying to find how it's all related and who the murderer is a very dangerous thing to do.  The hospital has several people who were involved in some way, so it makes following the black smoke's path very difficult.  It seems each character is carrying some sort of secret with them.

The ending is dramatic and forceful.  You won't fall asleep reading this book.  Why not pick up a copy and see what you think about it?  I enjoyed it.

Happy reading.

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Jeanette said...

Way to go Dale. I am so happy for you, sounds like an excellent book.