Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cannibal Reign by Thomas Koloniar

If Thor's Hammer hit the earth today, would you be ready?

Harper Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity read this ebook for review (thank you).  It's on sale date is June 26th.

I have to admit I thought about it for a while before I requested this one.  Cannibalism isn't something I really want to read about but if you are dealing with "end of the world" scenarios, it's a reasonable expectation that when people run of food they will turn to other sources of nourishment.  I'm happy to report that the author did a very good job of bringing it into the story and making it real, but didn't focus on that aspect.  His character development is what makes this a really good read.

When a young astronomer finds an odd body in the sky and discovers it's come from deep space and is on a collision course with earth, he goes to a retired astronomer who was the best in her field to ask her advice on what to do.  He's immediately caught and incarcerated.  The government doesn't want anyone to know this is coming.  They lie to hide it, try to stop it, and end up dying just like everyoneanyone else in it's direct impact area.

However, there is a small group of Green Berets who know the truth.  They take out loans on their homes they'll never repay to buy an abandoned silo.  They also begin packing up truckloads of food, vitamins, medicine, etc.  

Mr. Kolonair shows the tough decisions made, the pain and trauma of leaving loved ones behind, and how difficult it can be to be confined for a long time.

I found it creepy, realistic, and interesting to follow this story along.  The story covers death, destruction, the lack of hope, and the renewed belief there may be hope again.  You'll run the full gamut of emotions.  Some lived, some died, and there is hope for revitalization at the end.  The psychological implications are haunting.  And you'll be thinking of this book for a long while after you set it down and go on to another. After all, what would you do?

Happy reading.


jim koloniar said...

Thank you very much for such a positive review! And thank you for reading!!!

Thomas Koloniar

Anonymous said...

I just bought the book and read it in one sitting.ABSOLUTELY AWSOME!The best read for me in a long,
long time!Introducing and getting to know the characters Thomas does an outstanding job.Relations both made and broken were very well thought out!I was most interested in the relation between Jack and young Mellisa.Jack,Melissa,Veronica,Kane,
Susan are all characters in the story that make this the first excellent read in a very long time!