Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury

It's London in 1815 and Agnes is seventeen.  She is making her debut in front of a prospective suitor (her mother's choice) when she suddenly becomes ensnarled in the world of spies, politics, and Egyptian mystique.

Antheneum Books for Young Readers (a division of Simon & Schuster) gave me an ebook of this story for review.  This book will be published in May in hardcover and ebook form.  It's written for grades 7 and up.

Agnes has a bad habit of listening to her father's private conversations from her bedroom.  She knows matters that are not appropriate for a young lady.  She also knows how to speak ten languages because her father encourages her to learn against her mother's wishes.  She also knows how to act like a lady, but doesn't always follow the rules...

There is an interesting mix of Egyptian myth and the politics of the time in this tale.  Alice also has a Lord pursuing her for his wife, but she likes the young lad from the museum better, even if he's penniless.  The touch of romance and the "key" to the mystery make the story even more intriguing.  

Why not get a copy for your young one and let them follow a fascinating mystery and see just what Agnes will do to get to the truth.  It's a good read!

Happy reading!

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