Friday, April 22, 2011

Between Two Ends by David Ward

Yeats is very concerned about his father who tends to get deeply depressed.  What's worse is that his mother's patience and understanding are wearing out and he's afraid they will divorce...

This book will be published by Amulet Books, and imprint of Abrams.  I got my copy of the ebook to read from Net Galley.  Thank you both for the opportunity to read it.  You can purchase a copy of this at your local bookstore after May 1st.

Now his parents are taking Yeats to his grandmother's house and he's pretty sure that's not a good thing.  It seems most likely to either make things better for his dad or to break apart his parents relationship.

His father begins to tell him a tale of his youth that seems far fetched and full of fantasy, but before the story is completed, his mother sends him outside.  While the adults discuss matters, he happens to visit a long forgotten broken wishing well.  He also happens to find a pirate bookend...

This author has written a very good fantasy, time travel tale with magic involved that will catch any young adult's fancy.  It did mine, I'm much older than that.  I found myself turning the pages and wondering how Yeats would be able to do what he needed to do to get back home and save Shari, too.

This is a great adventure for those who know about the Arabian Nights story.  And for those who haven't read the 1,001 stories yet, here's an introduction to the type of adventures found in that classic book of fairy tales.

I really enjoyed this and think you will, too.  Why not pick up a copy and find a comfortable chair.  Give Khan a pet while you real the chapters he's in, OK?

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