Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cold Case by Julia Platt Leonard

Getting up and heading to the restaurant early in the morning was not Oz's favorite thing to do.  But he was helping his older brother and it was his job to do prep work.  The last thing he expected to find was a dead man in the freezer...

Simon & Schuster sent me a copy of the ebook for review (thank you).  The book is out in print and in ebook form now.  Check with your local bookstore for a copy.

When Oz's brother gets accused of murder and can't explain where he was the night before, Oz is puzzled and worried.  He also knows the police aren't looking very hard for another suspect.  He also gets thrown for another loop when he finds out his dead father was accused of being a spy at Los Alamos...

I read a lot of mysteries and have to give this author credit.  Ms. Leonard comes up with a complicated plot and lots of twists and turns throughout the story.  I had no idea who the real murderer was until the end of the story. 

Ms. Leonard keeps the action going with Oz and his friend Rusty attempting to solve not only his brother's case, but trying to make sense out of his father's crime.  Was he from a bad family or was it all lies?

The story has a good flow and the author's words keep your attention on the story by feeding a clue here and there.  The characters are strong, well-balanced and determined.  This was a very good read.

Get yourself a copy and try it.  Happy reading!

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