Saturday, April 30, 2011

BITE ME, TRY ME, FANG ME by Parker Blue

She knew she was always different since she had some demon blood in her, but she still didn't understand why her mother didn't like her much.  She knew her standing in the family when she got thrown out of the house and fired from the bookstore they owned on her eighteenth birthday.  Some present, eh?

I got this three book series to review in eBook form from Net Galley.  It's published by Bell Bridge Books (thank you both for the opportunity to review).  It's out in paperback now and you can pick up a copy at your local bookstore.

I don't normally read books about vampires, but demons seem to fascinate me.  I think it's because there are so many types, most are unpredictable, and many of them are totally tricky and a bit sadistic.  Almost reminds me of some my relatives...

I really, really enjoyed this read.  Ms. Parker has a wonderful imagination and uses that to create a story that reads well, has good action and danger in it, and a side of romance as well.

Val is part demon.  When she finds a dog that will help her fight vampires, she's pleased.  When he talks to her through mental telepathy, she's amazed.  Turns out he's part Hell Hound himself.  Add in a cop and an undercover police unit that is searching for the bad vampires and you've got the theme of the first book.

By the second book, you have a mansion filled with good vampires who are using blood donations to meet their dietary needs.  (That's versus the ones that either drink their victims dry or try to turn them.)  This is also where Val and Fang (the dog) meet Shade, who is also part demon.  Soon they are fighting the bad vamps together.

By book three, you have vamps and demons trying to work together, a mage trying to steal the Magick books, Shade who can open portals to other worlds, and did I mention that Val is a succubus?

The stories are fast paced, follow each other logically and are fun to read.  There's humor, love, danger, lies, secret plots, and more.  Why not pick up a copy and read it yourself?

And, the good news?  There may be another book in this series.  I sure hope so.  I don't think Val, Shae and Fang are done yet...

Happy reading!

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