Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top Suspense

If you like mystery noir stories and ironic endings, this book is for you!  It's thirteen classic short stories by twelve authors.

This book is currently available on Amazon as an ebook or a print book.  I got my copy from one of the authors for review (thank you).  Kindle price is only $2.99 so what's stopping you from getting a copy?

I personally love short stories.  They get right to the point and make things happen in just a few short pages.  A good author can create an interesting setting in a few sentences and you can get involved in the story immediately.

All of these are good stories and I enjoyed reading them all. However, my favorite (maybe I live on the Mexican borderland) is "El Valiente en el Infierno" by Paul Levine.  He takes a hopeless situation created by a thirteen year old Mexican boy sneaking into the US and a couple of cowboys and turns it into one of the most ironic endings I've seen in a while.  What made it more impressive to me is that even though it has an unusual ending, it's totally believable.  It could happen.

No story in this grouping is bad.  There's mystery, horror, and more, but all are suspenseful and keep you reading.  I read this whole thing in one evening.  And wanted more...

Get yourself a copy and start with the first story and see if you can put it down - I dare you!

Happy reading! 

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