Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Possession by Elana Johnson

What if everything you did was watched, your thoughts were controlled and Free Thinkers were forbidden.  Would you want to live that way?

Simon and Schuster will be publishing this book the first part of June and shared a copy of the ebook with me for review (thank you).  

This reminded me a bit of George Orwell's 1984 novel.  I read that many moons ago, but it still remains in my mind.  Ms. Johnson's story of Vi, who doesn't want to conform, will also stick in my mind.

The world this author sees is one where the "Thinkers" control everything.  They have different powers, from mind control, to seeing the future, to convincing people with words and more.  There is no room in this world for independent thinking or freedom of expression.

Vi is a rule breaker.  She goes for a walk with her "chosen" one (her future mate) and dares to go into area forbidden for her, holds his hand and has even stolen a kiss.  She gets picked up for her bad behavior and this is where her life changes dramatically.  They banish her...

Vi is torn by the new things she learns and by the fact that she's attracted to Jag, when Zenn is supposed to be her chosen one.  However, Zenn was left behind when she was thrown out, so maybe caring about Jag is OK?

This is an intriguing story and and I enjoyed reading it.  I did not like the ending.  But I have hope this is just the beginning of a series.  This dsytopian world has more developing to do and the characters are coming of age.  I'd really love to read more about Vi - she's not done yet.

It's written for ages 14 and up, but I sure enjoyed it.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, why not pick up a copy at your local bookstore or nab an ebook for your reading in June?

Happy reading!  

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