Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Inn by Tim Whitney

He and his Dad had never gotten along well, and when Mom left it got even worse.  And now that his Grandfather has died and they must manage a bed and breakfast together, it's as bad as it can get...

Bancroft Press published this book in October as a hardcover and an Adobe ebook.  I got my review copy from Net Galley. (Thank you both.)

Heath's father is trying to be an author, but he has problems with drinking.  Nothing Heath does is good enough for his father, and there is no way to please him.  Now his Grandfather has unexpectedly died and when they go to see how much money is left them, they find there is a snag.  The bed and breakfast can't be sold.  They won't even have the right to live there if they don't maintain the residence and make the residents happy for three months.  That's a lot to ask of two people who don't like each other very much...

Mr. Whitney creates a unique cast of characters as residents.  Heath discovers that many of them have fascinating backgrounds and talents that he wouldn't have imagined.  They help Heath face his challenges in the care of the home. 

The tension between the boy and the father feels real.  I had to use a few Kleenex through this story, it touched my heart.  It is supposed to be for young adults, but I found it had lessons for adults, too.

This a very good read about family problems and how friends can help you overcome them.  Visit your local bookstore and pick up a copy.  You'll enjoy it, it's a positive story.

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