Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Blue House Dog by Deborah Blumenthal

The dog lived at the blue house with an old man until the old man died...

Peachtree Publishers sent me a copy of this children's picture book for review (thank you).  The book is currently available at your local bookstore.  The story is written for ages 4-8.

Cody once had a dog he loved dearly, but Teddy got sick and died.  He's still sad about that, but he realizes that his pet is still with him in his memories.

When the German Shepherd starts haunting the neighborhood, Cody remembers where he used to live, before the old man's death.  He also notices that the dog has one brown eye and one blue.

He and the dog both aren't sure they want another relationship or if they can trust each other.  But Cody feeds the dog here and there.  The neighborhood has named him "Bones" because he's so skinny.  The dog eats, but runs.  With time, they both begin to trust each other and their relationship improves.

The author does a nice job of showing that even if you have loved and lost, you can love again.  This can be a good way to let a child learn about loss and talk about it before they have to face it themselves.

This is a positive tale, why not share it with your young ones?

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