Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ol' Bloo's Boogie-Woogie Band and Blues Ensemble by Jan Huling

Are you familiar with "The Bremen Town Musicians"?  You'll love this re-telling of this traditional tale!

Peachtree Publishers sent me a copy of this children's hardcover picture book for review (thank you).  Henri Sorensen did the illustrations and they bring this story to life; vibrant colors and action right on the pages in the book to entice you.

Jan Huling still plays first-chair kazoo in New Jersey.  She was inspired to write this story by her memories of her old college hippie band, The Brattleboro Boogie-Woogies Band and Blues Ensemble.

The story is charming. Ol' Bloo Donkey had always dreamed of retiring and becoming a honkey-tonk singer.  But when he hears Farmer Brown discuss how he's not carrying his load anymore, he decided he'd better retire right now!  As he makes his way to New Orleans, brayin' and hee-hawin' on the way, he meets up with other animals that have outlived their usefulness to humans.

There's Gnarly Dog, One-Eyed Lemony Cat, and Rusty Red Rooster.  All a bit bedraggled and tired, but ready for one more adventure.  However, they didn't expect the adventure they got...

This is written for ages 6-10 and it's a fun story for young ones.  To make it even more entertaining, let them vocalize the sounds of the animals.  You might as well get into the spirit of the story!

This book is currently available at your local bookstore.  I highly recommend it.  Adding a Louisiana flavor to the story has made it even more entertaining to read.

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