Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Simple Amish Christmas by Vanetta Chapman

Annie Weaver had moved to Philadelphia to learn nursing.  She had always intended to return to her Amish community but when her father is hurt by an auto accident, she returns immediately.

United Methodist Publishing House, an imprint of Abingdon Press, has published this book in trade paperback form right in time for Christmas.

I love stories about the Amish (and Shakers).  They are still living the kind of lives my grandparents did on their farms.  Life is simpler there - but it's not without difficulties.

Annie's father's wagon was hit by a car and he has two broken legs.  The Amish doctor is there when she arrives, and he scornfully tells her what to do and how to do it in the care of her father.  She doesn't mention her previous nursing training, but she thinks he's a bit a rude.

Her father heals, Amish life goes on, and she and the doctor each notice there is an attraction between them.  But the doctor lost his wife and child in a winter storm, and his heart is still full of ice.  Annie wonders if he even notices her.  The doctor wonders if he's too old for her...

The author offers you a good look into an Amish community and the relationships between men and women.  I eagerly kept turning pages to see what would come up next.  I was very pleased with this story and recommend it.  Especially if you have an interest in the Amish.  The romance makes it read faster, too.

This book is currently available at your local bookstore.  Why not buy yourself a present?  It's a good read. 


Anonymous said...

I read this book and loved it. I was wishing to find more books like this one but the author is just getting started.

Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie said...

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