Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Dangerous Edge of Things by Tina Whittle

First she inherits a Confederate themed gun shop she doesn't want and then she finds a dead body across the street.  What else can go wrong?  She can become a suspect in the case...

Poison Pen Press will be publishing this book the first of February in hardcover, trade paperback, and large print.  I got my copy for review from Net Galley as an eBook (thank you). 

Ms. Whittle has built a lot of twists and turns in this plot, and they flow together well. 

Tai first begins to understand that things might not be what they seem when her brother takes off to the Bahamas and doesn't return when she finds the dead body.  Instead, he hires a security firm to protect her.  It also doesn't take Tai long to discover that the guard she has is a bit weird.  He's just a bit "off", but she's not sure why.  And no one will tell her!

She finally gets the cop to tell her that Trey was in a very bad accident and his brain was damaged.  He's still an excellent investigator and killing machine, but most of his emotions are gone and he doesn't view things as normal people would.  He also has an anger management problem.  Trying to live with him in her life complicates things.  Especially when people start trying to kill her.  She's not sure if they'll manage to kill her or if Trey might do it while he's trying to protect her...

My favorite part of this story is the attraction between Tai and Trey.  He's not sure how to act and doesn't want a relationship.  She doesn't want to be attracted to dangerous man whose emotional state is shattered.  But neither one really has a choice.  How Ms. Whittle handles this is authentic and shows each character's hesitation.

Visit a world of money, politics, and revenge where murder is just a statistic, unless you were the victim or are the suspect.  It's a tight plot and the light romance is just what it needs to keep you anxiously turning the pages.  Add this mystery to your TBR list and watch for it in February.

Happy reading!

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