Monday, July 19, 2010

In Plain View by J. Wachowski

Finding a body hanging from a tree in Amish country is incongruous. Amish beliefs don't include suicide. Nor do they approve of murder. But this victim had not yet been baptized as an Amish member. He was working for the local fire department and living in town in an apartment. Was it suicide or murder?

This book is available in digital form and can be downloaded from Carina Press. It was released in June, so it's available for download now.

How the Amish live has always intrigued me, so I wanted to read this mystery and see what more I could learn about their lifestyle and beliefs. The author does a good job of using some Amish terms and explaining their meaning and showing the conflict between Amish beliefs and practices and "Englischers". You feel empathy for the young man who faces these conflicts and loves a young Amish woman. You can feel his conflict.

The lead character is a strong woman journalist who has been all over the world visiting the latest horrors and taking pictures that chill other people. When her sister is killed by a hit and run driver, she has to come back and take care of her niece. She gets a job at the local TV station, and this death is her first big story.

The book flows well, has plenty of action in it along with a lot of complex issues. It was an enjoyable read. And you'll learn a lot about journalism, too!

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