Monday, July 19, 2010

Excuse Me... Are You a Witch? Emily Horn

Herbert just wants a home. And don't witches own black cats? Maybe he can get adopted!

This is a children's book published by Charlesbridge. I reviewed the softcover edition. (It was originally published in the UK in 2002 by Siphano Picture Books Ltd, London.) It is illustrated by Pawel Pawlak and Herbert is really cute and will catch the little one's eyes. Children 1-4 years of age will most enjoy this tale.

Herbert lives on the street and longs for a home. He can visit the library and read (that illustration alone is worth the price of the book), but he wants a real, true home. Since he knows witches have black cats as companions, he sets out to find himself a witch.

Of course, he asks all the wrong people. Children will laugh at the people he questions and their reactions.

After a fruitless hunt, poor Herbert heads back to the library. And while he's moping about there, he suddenly sees a witch's hat...

This is a easy to read, fun story for the young ones that won't scare them. If they love cats, they'll love Herbert. You will, too.

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