Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig

This delightful children's picture book was sent to me from Knopf Delacourte Dell Young Reader's Group for review. Marc Brown is the illustrator and I always enjoy his artwork. This book is no exception.

This is a story for children from 1-4, and they will love it! First you see the feet and hear the sounds of the creature's feet. Then the next page shows which creature it is and they dance about in vibrant colors.

Little ones will be fascinated by the colors and will like the sounds of the feet. You'll most likely be hearing those sounds after the book is closed, too...

An excerpt from the book: "Thumpity! Thumpity! Furry brown feet! Who is dancing that thumpity beat?" Can you guess which animal this is?

The book would also be great for reading aloud to a daycare group or your own young family. Let your older children read it to the young ones, soon the young ones will be reading it to you.

Buy yourself a copy and make reading a treat for your little one.

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