Monday, July 5, 2010

The Gecko & Sticky The Power Potion by Wendelin Van Draanen

This delightful book was provided to me by Knopf Delacourte Dell Young Reader's Group, and it was great fun to read.

It's written for ages 8-12, and has enough silly actions and excitement to keep a young reader's attention. With a magic potion, bathroom jokes, a gecko, a monkey, inept bad guys, and a typical young man, how could it be boring???

While this is the fourth book in this series, it's the first one I've read. It was easy to pick up on the story line and you began to anticipate trouble before you even get past chapter one.

There's an evil man, his pet tarantulas and some six horned goats if I haven't grabbed your attention yet! And he wants that magic potion...

This book is good for reluctant readers and any child with an imagination and a sense of humor. It's also fun to read even if you aren't a child.

This book is on the bookstore shelves now, go get yourself a copy!

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