Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ottoline Goes To School by Chris Riddell

This a fun book! Multiple illustrations on every page with information about the story in them. Characters the like of which you have never seen. Unusual pets. Odd parents and teachers. How can a young one not enjoy it?

Ottoline meets Cecily in the park and has fun playing with her during the summer. When she finds out that Cecily is going back to school, Ottoline writes to her collector parents to ask permission to go to school also. Her parents are hardly ever home, so school would introduce her to new friends. Besides, it's a school who helps you find your own special talents, and she hasn't found hers yet.

The school is just as strange as the other characters. Ottoline's "pet" is Mr. Munroe, who's this hairy character that doesn't really resemble any animal I've ever seen even if he did come from Norway. There's a secret passageway, a few ghosts, unexplained noises and more.

If you want to share this adventure with Ottoline, leave a comment here on my blog and then send me an email at telling me why you'd like it and your name and mailing address. I'll be giving my uncorrected proof away.

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MJ said...

I'd love it!!