Thursday, April 16, 2009

Had winds today, think I sold my car!

Had some heavy winds today - watch the sand blow! Makes me cough and my throat makes mucus to surround the sand, so cough up. Ugh!

Turns out a gentleman in Canada and I have worked out a deal on my car. We'll need to pick him up at the airport, but it means we'll have our carport back and be back to a two car family. Will save us insurance, license, and other costs. He gets a good deal, I get rid of my extra car.

I just love my beemer. It not only has heated seats, the leather seats also cool - how great is that???

So my buyer will be in on Wednesday or Thursday, Julie (stepdaughter) will arrive on Saturday or Sunday - busy week...

How many people would ride on a bus all night, pick up a BMW and drive home? We did.

We may seem tame, but we can do what we need to.

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