Friday, April 17, 2009

Listed craft books again today

Cross Stitch booklets again. I've got a pile more to list. They're steady sellers for me.

I've got more expensive things to list, but my baskets were getting down, so it was time to restock. I had them in stock, just not listed.

Got my $500 down on my Crossfire, he'll be here next Tuesday night. Flying in from Canada. Had to lower a price a bit, but gone is good.

He told me his wife doesn't like to drive his Crossfire, either. He has the turbo charged one.

We're having our version of fajitas tonight. Cheap steak cut into pieces and cooked with Worchestershire sauce. Peppers of all colors and onions to be thrown in and sauteed right before we eat them. They're tasty that way. We'll also be doing corn on the cob. A nice healthy meal!

It was cold last night and the wind was up today, chilling us. It's supposed to warm up and I sure hope it does. I'm spoiled - I love the warm weather here!

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