Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Rode with Cullen Baker by RLB Hartmann

It says it's a tale of Romance and Adventure on the cover, and it doesn't disappoint you!

Hartmann writes about the time at the end of the Civil War when everything and everyone was unsettled and had no security.

A young girl finds herself orphaned with no one left in her "family" except a trusted old Negro servant. He is trying to help her get to safety by disguising her as a boy, but when they are challenged in a town they're travelling through, the servant is killed as he tries to protect her.

She's then on her own. She has no money, she has no relatives left, she has nowhere to go. But then Cullen Baker shows up and takes her under his wing. He may not be the type her parents would have let her date, but he's very good with his gun, robs trains to get money for his adventures (so he's a wanted man), and he's used to being independent.

She's fearful of being alone, has trouble pretending she's a boy, and she has no idea how it's all going to turn out. Then, along the way, she falls in love with Cullen.

Then she finds out that she has inherited property (her father provided for her, even in death) and she needs to go to California. But even worse, she finds out Cullen is married...

To see how this ends, you'll need to get a copy of this book and read it. The historical facts are correct, there really was a Cullen Baker, and I think the story will intrigue you.

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