Sunday, November 2, 2008

Running Horse Ridge #1, Sapphire: New Horizons by Heather Brooks

Emily knows about dressage and riding horses for show. When her grandfather dies, she and her father travel back to the family ranch, which has a show barn and is a horse rescue center. She’s confident she’ll fit right in, until she finds out they train horses for jumping and hunting. There’s no dressage ring here!

She loves being around the horses, and finds one that captures her heart. The problem is that all the horses are bought and resold to keep the ranch, Running Horse Ridge going.

They do have some money set aside that was to be used for the purchase of a dressage horse, and she tries to talk her father into using that for Sapphire. But when they find an injured horse in the wild and go to the ranch that it escaped from, they find 40 abused horses that need help…

This is a story about a young girl growing up in the world of horses. This is a great first book in the series and leaves you wanting to read book two!

I will be giving away my uncorrected proof of this book. If you'd like my copy, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE AND SEND ME AN EMAIL AT TELLING ME WHY YOU'D LIKE IT. I'll pick a winner from the group.


S said...

It sounds like an awesome and entertaining book!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great book. My granddaughter just became"horse crazy". I'm sure she would love this book.

DaNel Resha said...

Wow that sounds like something that I would do. (rescue horses)