Monday, November 10, 2008

Milton's Secret by Eckhart Tolle and Robert S Friedman

I have had an opportunity to review a children's picture book that has a good message for kids.

Milton gets bullied by another student and is fearful of when he may be tackled by him again. He worries about "what if" and "what to do", and his family notices a difference and asks him if he's OK. He doesn't want to tell them about it.

Then he has a chat with his Grandpa and he shares his concept of the "Power of Now". Don't look back, don't look forward, deal with NOW.

This would be great for any child who has worries about school, family, or world events. Let Milton show them how to work through the issue and move on with life.

This is from Namaste Publishing. The illustrations are great, too. This is for a young reader or would work well as a "read aloud" book.

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