Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our White House Looking In Looking Out

I've had an opportunity to review Our White House, and I was pleasantly surprised by the contents.

This book is for young adults and has all kinds of fascinating facts about the people who have occupied it, the historical times they have lived through, the pets they had, and more.

Until I heard it on TV the other night, I didn't know that slaves were used to build the original White House. This book gives you the lowdown on that and many other facts I was unaware of.

The majority of what it covers is non-fiction, but there are a few stories and poems in it, too.

It was created by 108 renowned authors and illustrators and the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance.

The illustrations are striking. The articles and quotes could easily lead into papers for class with a little more research.

Learn all about the folks who have lived in the White House - and then think about the Obama family who will be moving in shortly and making their own place in history...

It's easy to read in bits and pieces or all at once, depending on the type of reader your child is.

This is a great resource that should enhance their interest in history!

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