Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did you ever notice?

That doing book reviews is almost like doing a book report? That just occurred to me this morning. (Don't say I'm slow or I'll hit you!)

Hubby took pickup load #10 down to Good Start today. I can now see my front door again. All that stuff going out the door, and I still have LOTS of stuff!

Did you ever notice that no matter how much you give away, you still have more?

Did you ever notice that no matter how many books you read, your "to read" pile never gets smaller? It seems for every one I read, I buy two more!

And now my audio books are growing, too. I like to crochet and listen to a book.

Did you ever notice I'm addicted to books?

Happy reading all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I keep giving away my books to old age homes and orphanages. Ans still got loads.

I know you are addicted to books! Aren't we all?!


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