Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn

This is an "engaging" story about a young woman in love who travels to spend Christmas with her newly found family and her beloved.

When she finally found her father, he had already passed away, but his family acknowledged her and, while some still had some hesitations about how to deal with her, she was going to spend Christmas with them anyway.

Before she even gets home, she and Ian find themselves sidetracked to a hospital where his father has been taken because of a heart attack. He will be OK, but now they need to find someone to play Father Christmas at the play.

While decisions are being made on who will fill in, someone leaks the information about who Miranda's father was, and the press swarms on the family!

There are ups and downs, some magical moments, and in the end, an engagement. No matter how all the rest of it turned out, Ian and Miranda were in love - and she captured "Father Christmas" for her mate!

A fun, easy read for the holiday season with a happy ending. This would make a nice present under the tree, or you can just buy it for yourself and set the mood for your own Christmas celebrations.

If you'd like my copy of this book, please leave a comment on the blog AND email me at info@bookfaerie.com to tell me why you'd like to be in the drawing.


Dottie said...

This book sound upliftin and timely. I would love to own it.

S said...

This sounds like one if you start it nothing will get done till you finish it!

Amyrlin said...

I read #1, Finding Father Christmas, and I loved it! Robin is a great author!