Monday, August 25, 2008

Phew, I'm still sorting!

First of all, never be a hoarder. I have "stuff" all over the house. Some is old and has sentimental value, some is valuable, some is new or almost new but doesn't fit anymore or I won't wear it anymore since I now work from home, some I have no idea where it came from, some is from my office at work, some from my office at home, some is camping supplies, some of it is stuff I bought thinking I'd sell on eBay, and some of it hasn't been unboxed through two moves!

I have cleaned out my private library (need shelves to finish it). Have several pictures that need to be hung, but I have to figure where. I have miniatures I need to find a place for. Jewelry to find a place for. Linens to find a place for - I have more than the present linen closet will hold, and most of my blankets are handmade.

I have been through my bedroom and cleaned out drawers and the closet.

Went to the back middle room, cleaned out that closet and the shelves on the opposite wall.

Now I'm in the back back room. This one will take a while. It has boxes and there's really no room to move back there. The middle back room has a hope chest in the middle of it, so there's not much space there. But I'll get it done.

I got the doorway area cleared out. Next I will work on the closet.

It all takes time. And when I finally accomplish that room, I have one more walk in closet to attack. It's full of boxes of who knows what and tubs of yarn and other craft items and a few clothes.

Once I get it all sorted, then it's find a place for everything and everything in it's place.

The good news is that I am finding things we haven't seen for a while. Like hubby's diamond wedding ring and tie clasp, and my emerald ring I bought in the Bahamas. Not real big money items, but with good memories.

I'll just have to keep trudging along cleaning and sorting until I win.

But each evening I allow myself time to read and relax - that's my carrot. Work hard, Jo Ann, then you can read...

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