Saturday, August 30, 2008

Found a box of memories today...

The first two boxes sorted pretty easily, but then I found one marked memories. That one took me two hours to go through piece by piece.

Found Daddy's scrapbook from high school, his ribbons for awards in track and football, his Army service records, and his postcards to Mom during the war.

I found tons of pictures from both sides of the family. For now, I just sorted out what to keep and what not. I need to get them into eras by family sides and then put them in scrapbooks. But that will have to wait.

I found my Great Grandfather's biography in a newspaper article, and the other article was about my Great Grandfather on the other side of Mom's family, and his marriage to Grandpa's mother.

I found the immigration papers for my Grandmother on Daddy's side. It has her original name on it: Marija. They renamed her Mary when she came over to the states. Grandpa had fought in the WWI and got citizenship, so he sponsored her as soon as he could afford to. His name was Ivan, and that go changed to John.

I also have postcards from Grandparents, along with the all the photos of family get togethers.

I can't give up my memories. But I did sort them and only keep the pictures that meant something to me, not ALL of them.

Have you been down memory lane lately?

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Anonymous said...

Many a times it is hard to give up old photographs. I moved house 4 months back and I know how it feels...

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