Monday, August 11, 2008

Book Review: My Mercedes Is NOT For Sale by Jeroen Van Bergeijk

This tale begins with an interesting premises, the author is going to drive a Mercedes he's purchased from Amsterdam to Ouagadougou - right across the Sahara desert! He talks to some experts, buys the car, kisses his girlfriend and son goodbye, and starts out alone, feeling very confident.

He first encounters people who want to buy (or steal) his car before he hardly gets going on his journey. There are drug dealers that find that a Mercedes a great car for their use. And folks want to sell him drugs, sexual partners, you name it.

As he makes his journey, he learns several lessons along the way. Perhaps a bit more research would have made it less challenging. Or perhaps not.

He makes several references and offers quotes from other books written in earlier years about travel across the Sahara, and some things have not changed much.

He did make some money at the end of this adventure, but I'm not sure he'd do it again!

This is currently for sale on Amazon, amongst others. I am willing to share my advance reader's copy with someone. Just make a comment telling me why you'd like it. I'll choose someone and ship them the book for free.

Please email me directly for the book - I don't get your email address when you post a comment!


Laurie said...

Hey Lady!
Been meaning to stop in and say Howdy! Blog looks great!


Laura said...

This book looks really neat, I would like to find it for my little brother he has a Mercedes and is very active in the local clubs and loves taking pictures with his car. :)

Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie said...

Laurie - please email me. This blog doesn't give me your email.

gautami tripathy said...

I have emailed!