Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Mission Critical by Mark Greaney

Court is on his way to his next assignment when another branch of the agency arrives with a prisoner.  They want him off the plane, but his boss tells them to cease and desist so they all travel together to England.  They land in a a small airport and all of a sudden they have trouble.  Someone wants their prisoner and they don't care how many they have to kill to get him...

Berkley sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you). It has been published and you can buy it now.

When the event is over, only Court is still alive and the prisoner has been taken by forces that attacked them.  The good news is that Court can fly a plane, so he gets out of there and circles around to follow them and see where they are taking the prisoner.  When he checks in, they tell him to stay on it.  What follows is tension filled drama with people dying every step of the way.  There are multiple countries involved, it's spies, the CIA and more interacting or not, and for a single assassin it's hard to stay alive.

There are a lot of characters, information is fed to you slowly as they try to figure what's going on, and it's hard to tell who is a friend and who is an enemy.  There's even bad feelings between a father and his daughter that could become deadly.

You keep reading because you can't believe how much action can be packed in a book.  An old romance revives and then dies again before the end of the story.  And when your boss tries to kill you, it's hard to trust any agency.

Court will be playing by himself in the future.  He knows he can trust himself...

You won't be bored reading this one.

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