Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Secrets of Hexbridge Castle by Gabrielle Kent

Alfie is just a normal kid.  His mom died, he and his dad get along fine and he has a very good female friend his age.  He's not looking forward to summer.  His friend is going on vacation and he'll be stuck at home with his inventor dad.  He knows he will be bored.  Boy, is he wrong!

Scholastic Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 25th.

Alfie gets an odd letter and shows it to his dad.  His dad doesn't act real surprised and tells him they must go visit the lawyer as requested.  Go, they do, and Alfie's life changes totally.  He finds out he has inherited a castle that used to belong to a druid.  He also finds out he was born 600 years ago.  That would be a shock, wouldn't it?

It seems that time travel works for him.  He had been almost hit by a car at home and he moved through time to escape it.  That got the lawyer's attention.  Now he has to inhabit the castle.  It's been renovated.  When he sees it, his mouth drops open!

As time goes on, he begins to understand that he has some magic abilities.  The castle is full of secrets.  His teachers are a menace and don't like him at all.  He finds a bear rug that flies.  And he knows the animals disappearing on the night of the full moon are being eaten by a dragon.  He's seen it.  Now he just has to figure out how all this fits together.

I liked this one.  There's plenty of action, some injuries, and enough mysteries to keep you entertained.  A good imagination is needed to accept all the concepts of the story.  I have one.  Do you?

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