Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rejected Princesses by Jason Porath

This is a unique look at history and folklore.  Many times oral history is all we have to go on.  This author mixes what facts he was able to find with other wordy tales.  He mentions there's speculation in some of the telling.  He also indicates that unhappy endings could be changed if you'd like to write a better story.  All in all, while this book is over 380 pages, it keeps your attention and makes you wonder just who you will meet next...

Dey Street Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published October 25th.

The stories are short, so it will hold a young reader's attention.  The stories are rated by maturity, violence, sex, and more so they can decide which ones they want to read.

I've read a lot of folklore as a bookseller and I wasn't expecting the variety of princesses this author has found or how far back he was able to locate information on them. On these pages you will find warrior princes, abused princesses, princesses bartered into good deals for the King and more.  Some of them are sweet and good.  Some are nasty as you can make them.  Most of them will stick in your mind for a while after you read about them.

The illustrations are beautiful and a bit like Disney's fairytales.  I have one comment on that.  Not one of these princesses was fat.  Not everyone is svelte and beautiful.  After all, one of them was a big girl who wrestled potential husbands.  If they lost, they had to give her horses.  It was said she had 10,000 horses.  She was tall but she must have also been built like an Amazon.  She looks a bit fatter than the others but I don't see her winning numerous battles with men without some body weight.

One thing that really makes this book is great are the author's comments.  He has a very good sense of humor and made me laugh and agree with him more than once.

Here's a chance to learn history without it being dull and boring.  What amazed me was how many brave princesses there were.  Most history books don't talk about them but they were there.  Why not meet some of them yourself?

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