Tuesday, October 11, 2016

From Under Mountains by Claire Gibson (Author), Marian Churchland (Author, Artist), Sloane Leong (Artist)

She's grown up in the shadow of her brother and she'd like to go to the city and do other activities.  Her father says no.  She's meant to get married and bring their house more power, strength, and money.  She's not interested in marriage, but that doesn't matter...

Image Comics allowed me to read this digital trade paperback for review (thank you).  It has been published, so you can grab a copy now.

I like strong women characters and from the picture on the cover, I was sure there would be one in this story.  There was more than one.

Her father killed the witch's son.  The witch conjures up dark magic and it kills the King's son.  While her father mourns him, she steps into his role and takes over management of the kingdom.  She doesn't realize that part of her cabinet is conspiring against her.

There's another main character who is a thief.  She sees what killed the son and it's scared her.  She visited the witch's village and came away with a charm to protect her.  But she's been jailed by the King's men.

This trade paperback includes the first six comics in this series.  The story drifts along without clear direction but you get an idea of where it's going.  It's leading to a conflict.  I don't think all the men will remain standing at the end of the series, but I hope the women will.

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