Thursday, October 6, 2016

Immortal Writers: Immortal Writers Series Book 1 by Jill Bowers

Liz is excited.  She's only eighteen but she's published a blockbuster book and she's just come home from being on tour.  She's tired and only wants her bed but her boyfriend demands she meet him for dinner.  She does.  He's too controlling and she's thinking of telling him so when he announces her name to everyone in the restaurant and then goes down on one knee and proposes to her!  She's too flabbergasted to even say no, she just gets up and exits the restaurant.  It's just her luck that when she heads back to her apartment, she jumps in a cab where they're waiting for her.  She's just been kidnapped!

Blue Moon Voices and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you.) It will be published November 7th.

This was an excellent read.  I wasn't sure about meeting famous authors from the past but it really added to the story for me.  The story line of this book is pretty unique.  The idea that is that great writers don't die.  They fake their deaths and live immortally unless killed by someone else.  Not only that, Liz finds her characters alive.  Shakespeare tells her that her story was so good, she's become part of the immortals and her characters did, too.  The only problem was that one of her characters is a very bad man who has magic on his side.  He wants her for his own or dead.

There's war, a variety of dragons from her book, a secret from her past that she has to conquer, and she has to grow up real fast.  Not only that, she's falling in love with her main hero character.  This is enough to keep any fantasy reader turning pages and I enjoyed the whole book.  I'll be watching for the next one. 

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