Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Samaritan by Stephen Besecker

Kevin "Hatch" Easter had never had it easy in his life.  And when things seemed to be settling down and he had a good job and a wife he loved, he thought he had it made.  Until she gets shot with her sister during a mob shakedown at a bar...

Bancroft Books will be publishing this book at the end of June.  I got my copy from Net Galley (thank you both).

According to the cops, the case was closed.  However, it wasn't really closed as much as it was covered up.  And a deadly man is killing mob members to take revenge...

The author does an excellent job of keeping you on your toes through the entire story.  You can't make any assumptions because none of it turns out that way.  Everyone is playing everyone else.

You have dirty cops, the Feds and the Mob holding hands in some cases, and a random killer no one can identify.  The CIA agents are both wounded warriors that have to be careful not to self-destruct.  And it's not until the final scene on the roof top that you find out who the killer is.  I had no clue, and when I read as much as I do, that's unusual.

This was an excellent read.  It's an action packed story with plenty of adrenaline in it.  I really enjoyed it.  Why not pick up a copy and see if you can puzzle out who the killer is before the end.  I dare you!

Happy reading!

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