Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pet Noir by Pati Nagle

Imagine a genetically modified cat in outer space, then meet Leon!

Library Thing provided me with a copy of this ebook from Evennight Books (thank you).

Ms. Nagle knows cats and has a good imagination.  She creates Leon as a Maine Coon cat with thumbs and the ability to talk.  After his birth, he's moved out to a space station to help security with surveillance.  He has a human partner, but he soon makes friends with the other cats on the station.  He's even lusting after a beautiful Burmese lady...

This is in anthology form and Leon has different adventures all the way through.  The author has a good sense of humor and puts Leon and his partner in several funny as well as dangerous situations.

I found the stories amusing and good fun to read.  The cats mostly act like cats (only Leon is modified) and the men on the space station act like men.

If you enjoy fantasy and think your cat understands what you're saying, you'll really enjoy this book.  Why not give a try?

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