Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Calli Be Gold by Michele Weber Hurwitz

Poor Calli, everyone else in her family is perfect and she's just normal...

This is a Wendy Lamb Book for ages 8-12 that was published in April.  Thank you very much for sending me a copy for review.

It's hard being the youngest one in the family and having older siblings that are smarter and more active than you are.  It's especially hard when your parents are high achievers, too, and know that Calli must excel at something.  Maybe, but Calli hasn't found it yet...

When Calli finds Noah hiding at the skating rink and then under his desk in school, she wants to know why he does that.  Since the class is mentoring younger students, she chooses Noah as her partner.  And she learns that Noah is even less talented than she is.  She perseveres, though and Noah is drawn out of his shell.

She learns something from that and then even realizes something about her family that makes them even more like her than she ever realized...

This is a story of sibling rivalry, pushy parents, and a young girl finding her way.  It's well written, you learn why everyone is acting the way you do, and you learn that Calli is not the failure she thinks she is.  It's a positive story about a whole family finding itself.

Why not share a copy of this with your middle school child.  I'm sure they will be able to relate to the stresses of school and parent's expectations.  You might learn something, too.

Happy reading.

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