Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ranger to the Rescue by Renae Brumbaugh Green

She lost her fiance two years ago.  He was a ranger and was shot and killed.  She wants nothing to do with anyone in that field now.  Her heart couldn't take it.

Wild Heart Books shared this with me for a review (thank you).  It will be published April 14th.

She's a journalist and the only way she gets to write interesting stories is to go find them herself.  Someone is sabotaging the fishing boats and the fisherman thinks it's one man and his sons.  They leave early and always come back full of fish.  When the sheriff jails him, Evan takes over as his lawyer.  There's no proof it was him but he's a foreigner.

Amelia gets involved by talking to the fishermen and writing her story.  Evan tells her she's only showing one side of it.  So does her boss.  So she talks to the man in jail and a few more fisherman.  They won't identify who they think the culprit is.

She and Evan decide to hang out at night to see if they can catch who it is.  They do and it's no real surprise.

Evan begins going to lunch with her everyday.  They are falling in love with each other.  Then the rangers are called out to help with a gang and his brother-in-law makes him a temporary ranger to cover the town when they are gone.  That upsets her so much, she breaks her engagement.

Then she and Evan's sister are kidnapped by a man who wants revenge.  Evan goes after them.  With alligators and cottonmouths and men with guns, it's no treat to play in the swamp.  Can Evan get them back before they are killed?

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