Thursday, March 12, 2020

One Fatal Flaw : A Daniel Pitt Novel by Anne Perry

A desperate woman comes to Daniel's desk asking him to defend a young man accused of murder.  Since he's the low man on the totem pole, he has to ask the older lawyer if he can take it on.  The older man tells him he'll learn a lot doing it but not to be disappointed if he loses.

He talks to everyone he can gathering clues.  The head lawyer in the group has a daughter that is into forensic investigation and she suggests a man who mat help the case.  He's a famous doctor and he does get him off.

Then two months later, the freed man dies in a fire just like the first one.  The doctor is willing to testify again.  He agrees to have him testify.  He states the head injury was due to the intensity of the fire.  But then Daniel is introduced to another doctor who points out the injury wouldn't be where it was if it was fire related.  She is also an expert.  She testifies.  The jury believes her and finds Daniel's client guilty.  He's glad.  He knew she was guilty and was trying to claim leadership of the gang.

Then a woman comes in and asks him to clear her husband's name.  He was hung when he was innocent.  The same doctor got the dead woman's husband off on charges with that same defense which has now been proved wrong.   He takes on the case but he has no idea how vindictive the doctor is.  He'll find out...

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