Thursday, December 22, 2016

The River at Night by Erica Ferencik

They've been friends for a long time.  Every so often they take off on a trip together to revitalize themselves and catch up on each other.  Pia is the leader by default.  She suggests and the others follow.  The majority of them like to lie on a beach and sip a cool drink but she suggests riding the rapids on a river in upper Maine.  The main character in the book is not fond of the idea.  Win is bit lethargic in life right now and would rather not do things that frighten her.  Facing your fears can make you stronger, though, so she goes.  They all will be sorry they went...

Scout Press sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published January 10th.

This book encapsulates a lot of my fears.  I'm afraid of water, afraid of the dark, and am not fond of camping in a tent with animals around.  I know why I'm afraid of these things and I've done my own share of facing my fears, but it still makes me nervous when I read about it.  These women have their own reasons for fearing the situation they get stuck in.

They get started on their trip and it's going along as it should be, even if Pia is sleeping with the younger guide.  Then there's an accident on the river and the guide drowns and the raft gets away.  They only have the clothes they are wearing and each other.  It goes downhill from here.  All the negative parts of their attitudes come to life and nice isn't around much.  

A campfire excites them, they think they've found someone who can help them.  They find a young man who can't talk but seems to be indicating they should leave.  His mother shows up and offers them some water and some food.  Don't ask what the food is...  She tells them her son will show them out in the morning.  Then she tells him in sign language to take them into the woods the next day and kill them.  Luckily Win knows sign language from dealing with her now deceased little brother.  The women run.  The boy and his mother hunt them.

This is a gripping story that in some ways reminds me of the movie, Deliverance.  It was another raft trip with danger on the hillside.  I would never approach a make shift house in the woods if I hadn't observed the occupants first.  Everybody knows that's how horror stories start.  This book was definitely a horror story to me.  Try it and tell me your opinion.

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