Saturday, December 31, 2016

Born to Run (North Oak #1) by Ann Hunter

Alex always runs away from her foster homes.  She's also always caught and returned.  The last home she's in is the worst of the lot.  She and her best friend make plans to run that night.  But when Ashley visits the bathroom in the middle of the night to get ready, the night explodes...

I received this ebook from instaFreebie and the author to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can pick up a copy now.

Alex knows she's done an awful thing and will have to answer for it, so she runs again.  She's alone and she hates it.  She hates knowing Ashley is dead.  She hates what's she done.  But she has no choice except to run.

She runs as far as she can but she's not well.  When she collapses by a gate, she just doesn't care anymore.  She's done all she can do.  When she wakes up, she's in a bed and it's not back at the foster home.  She's found a new family that is willing to take her in.  She doesn't trust them.  She tries to run again but gets caught.  The man who found her tells her to give it ten days and see how it goes.  She doesn't want to but she's on a ranch that raises race horses.  The horses talk to her and comfort her.

Life is going better but she knows she doesn't deserve it.  When the girls living there ask her what's wrong she tries to keep it to herself but over time, she begins to trust a bit.  When she tells them the truth, she ends up in jail.

When all the truth comes out, she finds herself in a better situation than she expected.  She's got a home now and guardians, but she also has a lot more even if she doesn't know it.  The man that owns the ranch is her Uncle.  The next book in this series should be even more interesting.  I know the family raising her is going to have their challenges.  She's almost as wild as the horses...

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