Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pink Panther Volume 1: The Cool Cat is Back by S.A. Check (Author), Adrian Ropp (Author, Illustrator), Bill Galvan (Illustrator), Bob Smith (Illustrator)

Just seeing the cover of this book took me back in time.  When I was fifteen, I got to go to afternoon matinees with my girlfriend who could drive.  We went to anything just to be free and have the time to ourselves.  They showed cartoons before the movie and the Pink Panther ones were special.  I had to grab this one to read because of my memories of the past and I found it just as much fun as it was at fifteen (many, many, many moons ago).

Diamond Books and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published December 13th.

Cartoons in this era were just plain fun.  Sometimes silly, sometimes fantastic and far out, but all fun to read.  A good example of what I mean is the one where the Pink Panther is creating animal balloons at a birthday party.  The spoiled brat the party is for wants a specific kind of balloon toy, but the Pink Panther can't understand him.  You should see all the various balloon types he tries to shut the kid up.

Then there's the time he was going to a costume party and ran into Frankenstein on the way.  They pick up their invites and go on but he's now going to a scary party, which he wasn't expecting.  He survives through quick thinking.  And then he runs into Frankenstein again and ends up going home with the best costume prize while Frankenstein gets the scariest prize just like the originally exchanged invitations.

This was like visiting with an old friend and I really enjoyed reading it.  If you've seen his cartoons before, you'll want to get this one.  If you haven't met him yet and you like comics, you should give this one a look.  Nobody else is like the Pink Panther... 

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