Sunday, December 4, 2016

Good Behavior: The Letty Dobesh Chronicles by Blake Crouch

Letty has bad habits.  That's why she's been in jail.  She doesn't want to go back, but it's hard to be good.  She likes to drink, she likes drugs and she likes to steal.  Not a good combination, but it works for Letty!

Thomas & Mercer and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.

This is two short stories and one novella all about Letty.  Letty has a son that she hasn't seen since he was four.  He's almost an adult now and she'd like to see him again.  It costs money to travel, though.

Mr. Crouch's stories always grab you by the gut and sweep you along in his story.  There's nothing boring about his writing.  This compilation is like that, too.

Letty is always for good money quick.  The men she works with are usually people she knows but you can't say she trusts them.  She puts herself in danger for the big jobs and almost loses her life more than once.  Somehow she survives, but she seems to be always set up.  They hire her, tell her what the job is and when she gets in the middle of it she finds out she's to be the bait or she was lied to.  I'm glad she's a tough lady or she'd be dead by now.

If you want to take a quick ride on the wild side, hang out with Letty and Blake for a while...

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