Thursday, December 15, 2016

Deadlight Jack by Mark Onspaugh

If you're not careful, Deadlight Jack will get you in the swamps of Louisiana.  The adults think it's just an old wive's tale to keep children out of the swamp.  The children know better.  Any adult that meets him won't be seen anymore, so they should have paid attention the old tales...

Hydra and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 3rd.

This horror tale has monsters, ghosts and paranormal beings included in it.  Jimmy from Alaska has the Raven guiding him in life, but the Raven is no friend of his.  He's moved to Nisqually now and shares his home with George, a black man that has certain spirits talking to him, too.  When George can hear his grandson asking for help, he goes to the rescue.  Jimmy goes with him.  They may be old but they are going to do what they can for the young boy.  It won't be easy.

The being called Deadlight Jack steals children.  He uses music and floating lights and then captures them and makes them his prisoner.  When they die, he doesn't let them go.  He keeps them close and feeds the unfortunate people meets in the swamp to them.  He's attempting to become all powerful.  And he has George's grandson.

There's a touch of mythical and legendary foes in this story.  Ghosts talk to the older men.  Jimmy's grandchild sends him help and he really needed it.  Without her help, George's heritage and ability to sing, and some luck, they never would have been able to overcome the evil monster.  Even then you're not sure if it's gone.

I wonder if the next book will have more about this up and coming wild talent that the granddaughter has?  I'd find that very interesting.

I'd recommend you read this one in the daytime.  

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