Monday, January 27, 2014

Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro by J.L. Hickey

Hunter and Elly are young and orphaned.  They are being sent to live with their Godfather, who they've never met.  The house is huge, the person they are supposed to meet at the gates is late, and then they're shown their bedroom and locked in for their own safety.  Really?  What a beginning to a new life!

The author gifted me a copy of this story for review (thank you).  You can get a copy wherever ebooks are sold now.  The next book has also been released, so you might want to grab them both.

I enjoy a good adventure.  Mr. Hickey makes his young characters strong and resilient.  They don't understand why they are getting stuck with this Godfather when they had Uncle Joe.  He took care of them while their parents were gone and they loved him.  They don't even know this Godfather guy.

It doesn't help when he's a bit strange.  Of course, the whole house and staff are strange so I guess it's normal here.  Where else do you a monster running loose, a robot walking the halls, and secrets hidden around every corner?

What they don't know is that they are part of a secret society; they are seekers.  They don't even know what that means but they're learning fast!  Having a monster trying to eat you speeds up the learning curve.

This was a very nice start to a new series.  The story is full of action, Uncle Joe might be developing a romance, the monster is still alive, and Hunter and Elly have new talents to explore.  It will be fun to see what new developments are in the next story.

Happy reading.

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